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9 Reasons Why Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

After the advent of the internet, online marketing has become the people’s choice; which is evident by the fact that 75% of companies increased their content marketing budget in recent years. Here are some of the reasons which justify the application of content marketing in your business plan.

The reasons

According to the recent market trends, the use of content marketing is on the rise and is slated to increase in the years to come. Apart from the reachability and easy access, there are several benefits of content marketing that can provide the necessary push to your business.



Reasons for content marketing plan


The 9 reasons content marketing should be on your marketing agenda are:


1. Increased visibility

The reason is quite clear, the more you try to attract your potential customers, the more chances for a sale. Therefore, using content marketing increases product visibility, both in long-tail searches and in niche requirements.


2. Proof of credibility

No visitor will easily provide you their contact or personal information. Excellent content marketing can secure the position of your company as a trusted entity, a prime cause of why content marketing is important in today’s business.


3. Inclusion in search engines

Unless notified by someone, clients usually search for their requirement on Google. A good content marketing strategy will ensure a significant rank in the search engines, and therefore the generation of more inbound traffic. Credibility and authoritative content are considered as a plus in more search engine algorithms.


4. Sale at different buying stages

Good content can approach the visiting clients at various stages of buying; from the first alertness to someone who has their requirements identified. Conversion of a prospective client to a paying customer is one of the ways why content marketing is the go-to method for the businesses nowadays.


5. Providing info to customers

Opposite of the old days, there is now information available to the customers about any product before they decide to buy. A properly written content can educate the audience about your product, or some unique services that you can provide.


6. Ubiquitous nature

Each type of product has a specific or a best-fitted platform from where it can be marketed. But content marketing can be done across any platform, as it is all-inclusive, and has more accessibility than other platforms.


7. Engaging other avenues

Good content can be used by multiple platforms to generate incoming traffic for your brand. However, the content should be refreshed periodically with fresh and informative ones, so that your brand is spread across the general population by shares and re-tweets.


8. Targeting segmented groups

Although the sales and product info page are needed to be general, good content will also touch upon the problems and requirements of the niche audience. This is one of the best ways to be noticeable from the other brands.


9. Ongoing relevance

Good content, especially the “how to...” guides are not needed to be changed every now and then. Keeping the original inclusions intact, the content can be refurbished, updated, and used again for your business promotion; using far lesser money and time.


In conclusion

Content marketing has the added advantage of reaching across multiple platforms. The use of this avenue can become a great way to increase your business.
And when you have a great content marketing strategy coupled with a social media plan, it will definitely work wonders for your brand!


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