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Content Marketing For Topical Events

A topical event can be segregated into two broad categories – seasonal and occasional. An example of a seasonal event is a Christmas celebration in December each year. On the other hand, an example of an occasional event is World Cup Football held once every four years.

What Is Termed Topical Content?

The definition is embedded in the term itself. Any content that markets a topical event with an aim to pull in more traffic through organic searches, constantly increasing the brand identity associated with the event is known as topic content. Content marketing of a topical event is a sub-field or branch of content marketing.

Promoting An Event

When you design strategies of content marketing for events, you have to keep in mind that the phenomenon is not a continuous process. Rather, it is a one-time occurrence in the long run. Hence, you have to create content with a deeper focus on the attributes of the event.

An Opportunity To Sharply Increase Followers/Conversion Rate

Topical content, if created maintaining all norms and complying with content marketing fundamentals, can sharply increase the volume of traffic on your platform. The result is more customers/followers of your brand. Also, there is a visible positive change in conversion rate.

Why Relying On Content Marketing Of Topical Events?

Content Marketing


Are you hunting for clear answers that why you should employ content marketing techniques to promote a topical event? There is no need to search anywhere as the precise explanations are given here. Read on.

  • Visibly compelling content can pull in more traffic and also help you to establish as a unique choice
  • You can add useful context, adding more value for the target audience
  • It is shareable – hence, it spreads awareness in a cost-effective way
  • Value-added features are seamlessly integrated into a primary message that you want to convey
  • It is recyclable. It can be repurposed for the next event, reducing your overall budget

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What Are The Principal Elements Of Topical Content?

Your focus should remain on providing as much information and as smartly as possible. But keep in mind to not clutter the platform with voluble content. The information should be objective in nature.

Your target audience should know about the date, location, timings, special offers, etc of the event with just a look at the poster, image, etc, which you post.

Can SEO Be Used In Topical Content?

SEO Friendly Content


This is one of the commonest questions asked to digital marketers regarding promotional campaigns of an event. The short answer is – yes, it can be used. Besides implementing high-end image and video SEO methodologies, you can hire experts to write long-form content complying with SEO fundamentals on your website blog.

Moreover, relevant off-line SEO strategies should also be utilized in order to popularize the content across various platforms. Strong SEO means your content receives more organic traffic, consistently. You have to take care of choosing the perfect keywords for building the content.

Utilizing The Potential Of Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms For Content Marketing


You can’t think of any form of content marketing without involving various social media platforms. Social media is undoubtedly a sophisticated, user-friendly, effective, and seamless tool that can bring quick results for your brand, business, event, etc in a highly cost-effective manner.

The key here is to amalgamate, rather bring every social media platform under one centralized roof to apply the marketing solutions and monitor the performance. Creating a buzz on every platform and intensifying it manifold is the test of expertise in such cases. You should be absolutely clear about the things you want to convey, establish and sustain.

Various forms of Topical Content You Can Consider

You can experiment by blending multiple forms of topical content to promote the event.

  • Blog posts/website articles – From short news pieces to long-form content, you can try out different things. Also, there could be an interview of an artist or business tycoon, or other celebrity participating in the event.
  • Promotional videos – Creating a VLOG or a series of promotional videos (with teaser) could provide a stupendous impetus to the event by creating a craze. Ensure the videos are short in length, with proper implementation of SEO.
  • Textual/visual updates – Through a series of social media posts, you can update the target audience on a regular basis about the topical event.
  • Remarketing ads – These ads could also be used effectively in providing more digital recognition to the event.

Two Great Content Marketing Ideas For Topical Events

Content Marketing Ideas


You can use these ideas in rendering an extra edge to the events. The first one is creating a podcast with one of the key participants or even a couple of participants of the event. The second idea is creating Instagram Reels with select images related to the event, in order to pique the interest of the target audience.

Distinct Benefits

The prominent benefit you receive from content marketing of a topical event is obviously a big spike in sales volume. People get more involved in your brand / company / product / service / message.

In addition, there is more digital recognition, which automatically helps at the time of marketing for the next topical event.

The third benefit is of course keeping a firm control on marketing budget, as content marketing of this category is quite cost-effective.

Bonus Tip

Here is a bonus tip to add more value to your marketing strategies. Try to keep some souvenirs or takeaways from the previously organized event, creating more curiosity for the current target audience.

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