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How To Increase B2B Leads for your Business?

Generating leads isn’t a random thing or neither can it be achieved by mere mirth. Here are a few tricks to cater leads.

1) Strategically place gated content

Statistically it is seen that around 80% of B2B assets generated are gated. Gated content is nothing but content which is granted access to after a form registration and is the best form of lead generation. Non bounced content has a conversion rate as high as 19 -45%. However, note that, it’s always wise to put a gated content when you have an entourage of articles which are enjoyable to read for the readers.


2) Personalise touch

Gone are the days of all problems single solution techniques. Surveys report that; of 7000 customers studied 57% of customers were willing to share their information in exchange of personalised offers, coupons, discounts etc.

So build a content marketing strategy for b2b lead generation with lots of incentives, personal offers and discounts. Always remember this personal touch helps in increasing your brand credibility and brand reachability.


3) Content is the king

When was the last time you enjoyed a great piece of content? It was definitely not a tech-manual. Content at present is like currency in the digital world. Research shows companies with content publishing of 16 or more a month generate leads up to 4.5 times more than those who post 0-4 times a month.


While it’s important to post content, it’s also important to know that you can’t just post anything for the sake of posting. Having a mix of content that is evergreen, situational, trending and fun is something that should be considered. It shows a general high outreach status than targeted ones. Open with an interesting quote or stats to hook your readers and take them to climax.



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4) Increase your social media presence

B2B content marketing for lead generation


Gone are the days when social media only referred to an extra platform for posting things and socialising. Reports show that an average person spends almost 2 hours a day talking over social media. Start taking advantage of this. Increase your social media presence and engage with audiences rather than sell.

Don’t just post about your products but engage into social interactions with them. Create groups and forums, start discussions engage your customers in quizzes, contests or giveaways and reward the winners.


5) Incentivise referrals

Companies with referrals have around 70% higher conversion rates. Use your loyal customers and their word of mouth publicity to bring more targeted leads. Give offers, incentives and referrals to your customers and churn more leads.


6) Take care of your landing pages

No matter the interest you generate in the market unless the landing pages are attractive and straightforward, you are sure to loose interest quickly. Landing pages should be crisp and clear in the information they provide to the users.

Place your product description yet don’t be too flashy. And make sure your landing page targets only one product/service since, it is seen that lead conversion rates can decrease as high as 266% if the landing page offers too many things at the same time.



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To conclude

Always remember that generating leads isn’t an easy affair but retaining them is even more difficult. So stress on both new and loyal customers. The personalised touch in your communication, giving offers, providing vouchers and discounts at regular intervals and interacting with your audience on a regular basis is the foundation of lead generation.


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