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How to Design an Information Architecture for Your Website?

Technology is everywhere these days. All through the internet was discovered about three to four decades back, it is true applications have begun only very recently. Many have opined that it is with the emergence of the Smartphone that the world has become more internet-oriented. The various internet-driven search engines have proven to be some of the best platforms where you can generate any and every type of query and can expect an overwhelming volume of information.

In this situation, the commercial brands have also successfully tapped the arena of the internet to reach out to a global base of buyers. This is what has led to the emergence of corporate websites. Now many ask ‘why is a website important for your business?’ To know more simply read on.

How is a Website Important for Your Business?


WEbsite Architecture
Websites are corporate windows through which they exhibit a large percentage of the company's information. This information will encompass elements like the products of the company, the services of the company, and the business ethics of the company, the future goals of the brand, its CSR activities and so much more.

It can be easily pointed out that a corporate website can act as a single-window solution for accessing all the information any customer or patron can require out of a particular commercial brand.

How to Start Building a Website


Website development

Developing a website is a highly technical yet creative job. It is a niche in its own right. Not everybody has an idea regarding how to start building a website? This is a specialized domain and you must entrust the job to a professional specialist to get a quality final product. Hence when a brand feels a need to develop a website of their own, upgrade their website, the first thing they must do is get in touch with a professional web designing company.

The Information Architecture of a Website

One of the main aspects that initiate any website designing project is how to create the information architecture for a website. This is the first and the foremost question with which the website designers deal at the initiation of any project. Although most websites look similar where there is a section talking about the company, its background, its mission, its objectives, its future vision, its product, its services, client reviews, contact points etc. Yet if you take a closer look you will understand each website is unique.

How do You Develop an Information Architecture for a Website?

Coexisting-Structure-Website-Information-Architecture-Graphic-1-1024x705Image Source:
The structure of the website is referred to as the information architecture of the site. This determines the organization of the website layout. In simple words, it indicates the pattern of the website, the way in which information is arranged and exhibited, the different sections that you can find, and the overall look of the website as a whole. The importance of information architecture is paramount as it decides on the overall design of the website. As mentioned earlier website designing is a highly technical task and requires specific expertise. Yet there are some general guidelines every layman can relate to.

  • The information – The very first thing that determines information architecture for a website is the quality and the quantity of information that is being exhibited on the site. Often simply providing quality information at the time of making the website is not enough. The website information needs to be upgraded from time to time so that the site can remain useful for patrons across the world.

  • The organization – The next important aspect that contributes to website designing is the organization of the site. The sequential placement of pages in a website and the volume of the information displayed on each page determine the organization of the website. Organization of the website pages can enhance the quality and the importance of information architecture used in web designing.

  • Images used – Images and visual inputs play a rather important role in website designing. These days in fact a greater emphasis is being placed on these aspects which help to create an attractive, informative and arresting website.

  • Font used – Font used in website design again creates a forceful impact on the final website design. The fonts not only affect the overall look of the website but also affect the readability of the displayed information and the convenience of the organic traffic visiting the website.

  • Brand colors – Apart from the information, the display pattern, elements of surprise used, the colors used to create the website is of paramount importance. The dominating colours of the brand logo are the prominent hues used for the corporate website.

  • Algorithm determination – The algorithm determines the technical aspects of the website. This determines the weight and easy navigation through the site. Any site must be smoothly operating if the intends to arrest their traffic’s attention for a considerable period. The website algorithm can affect this aspect.

What are its Benefits?

Now if we are to talk about the benefits of information architecture it will automatically boil down to the point of web designers trying everything under the sun to enhance the readability of a website. A number of aspects contribute to this. Top rated web designing companies like Seagull Advertising Pune try to balance the attributes of aesthetics, innovation and information to attract and arrest the attention of the organic traffic visiting the websites of their clients.

These websites are considered to be some of the most important marketing tools for contemporary commercial brands. It is through these websites that commercial entities are trying to reach out to the global gamut of buyers. This is a perennial strategy used for business maximization.


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