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Guide to Website Copywriting

Website copywriting is now more important than it was 5 years ago. With more competition and expanding digital space, in addition to more lucrative opportunities, companies across business domains focus immensely on smart website copywriting solutions to increase customer base, gaining more relevance in the market.

A Simple Definition To Begin with

The short answer to the question ‘what is website copywriting’ is simple, too - it means composing web page content for businesses to make them achieve their goals in terms of establishing brand value, traffic, conversions, and sales volumes. It is preferable for website copywriters to have basic expertise in SEO.

Collect Ample Information About Your Client

Clients Business Information


Website copywriting requires a good deal of preparation. You have to organize various resources in order to nicely collate, sift and streamline the required information to write a good copy on your client’s site. These are some of the crucial resources from where you can gather relevant info:

  • Blogs – you would be able to understand the essence of your client’s brand and how it interacts with the customers
  • Reviews – numerous testimonials and reviews discuss the service quality of your client’s company, giving a rough picture of what the customers think in general
  • Market reports – detailed or even brief market reports provide you good quantitative information about the performance of your client
  • Forums – forums relevant to the business area where your client performs talk about the different dimensions of your client’s services/products
  • Competitors – by studying the official websites of companies rival to your client, you would understand the situation in the market and what new things your customer can offer and innovate.
  • Internal documents – the client could provide you with some classified documents that could provide you with an additional bit of information about his business.

Asking Relevantly Crucial Questions

It is of paramount importance to query on relevant topics that are directly related to your client’s business.

For example, a vital question would be centered on the service features, attributes, and specific benefits that the customer would get from your client.

Another high-end query in this content is regarding determining the UVP (Unique Value Proposition) of the particular product or service. You need to thoroughly get a grasp of this, in order to understand in what ways your client’s business stands out in the competitive market.

It is also quite significant to ask about the exact problems that the product or the service intends to solve, and what could be the ultimate results of availing it.

Include the pricing policy of your client in your analysis, too.

Studying The Target Audience Of Your Client

Target Audience For Business

One of the strongest website copywriting tips is studying the target audience of your business client in a detailed manner, as it tremendously helps in streamlining thoughts to write a productive, performance-centric copy. Important aspects you need to cover are:

  • The average customer who is visiting the website and surfing through the pages
  • The exact reasons why they need the product
  • The purpose which the product serves the customer
  • The questions an average customer would like to ask the seller
  • The objections that might develop in the mind of an average customer

Don’t try to form answers on a hunch. In this case, too, you need to collect relevant information and extract the answers from it through a dedicated process.


Start Building The Draft

Keep in mind that there is no need to be a perfectionist in order to write a draft. You can work this part as fast as possible, in a rough format. This actually lays the foundation for the final copy. It is also highly recommended to experiment with a number of headline ideas.


Editing The First Copy

You need to seriously focus on editing the first copy for the client that you have written. Check out whether it has a natural flow or not. Also, it is crucial for the copy to be intriguing. You can apply a robust tool such as Grammarly in order to sharpen the content.

Try to avoid blurb and choppy jumps. Maintain the sequence in a logical format. Also, concentrate on the overall structure of the copy.

Ask For The Client’s Feedback

This could be a nervous phase for you, but stay calm. You simply need to send the copy to your client and request feedback. Ensure that you sharpen the representational copy further from the comments you get from the client. On one hand, the client knows the business best, and on the other hand, you are an authority in copywriting. The onus lies on you to maintain a fine balance between these two perspectives.


Concentrate Separately On Different Web Pages

Web pages in a site fall under various categories. You need to intelligently tackle the demand, objective, essence, aesthetics, and structure of each of the pages accordingly.

The basic pages you have to deal with in a standard copy-writing project:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Service pages
  • Product pages
  • Contact page
  • Any other miscellaneous page(s)

The language of writing a copy is simple, crisp, and engaging. The aim should be to sustain the attention of the customer as long as possible and convert him.


Implementing SEO


SEO Implementation


Applying the usual on-page and off-page SEO solutions in the copy is hugely important in order to make it searchable on the net. Don’t be voluble. Keep the language straightforward. It is wise to seek marketing consulting services in order to accurately implement SEO complying with all kinds of fundamentals.

Wrapping up

A website copy should be simultaneously action-oriented, innovative, and stimulating. Go for the kill!

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