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How Performance Marketing is Helping Clients Grow Better?

Performance marketing is an integral part of today’s digital marketing landscape. However, one must be prudent when it comes to selecting the right platform, which can help the businesses in accomplishing specific goals, be it driving conversions or generating revenue. 

Here are a few benefits of Performance Marketing to make my point stronger:


  • You can reach customers globally and establish your brand affinity.
  • You can interact with your customers and learn their behaviour as and what they are looking for
  • You have the potential to reach more customers with a limited budget as compared to traditional marketing methods
  • You can track and measure the performance at various levels, e.g. creatives, copy, and more to leverage performance
  • Lastly, you can define your target audience and allow your hot prospects to know you personally. Thereby, it helps in creating brand loyalty


Few components one must pay attention to before kick-starting their performance marketing campaign:


1. Website

Website designer working

Website is one of the most essential components which plays a strong role to your customers. Therefore, one must have a fast and responsive website. Also, the information about the products or services mentioned on the website needs to be transparent which will not only help you in getting organic visitors but also help you in earning customer loyalty and hence it leads to better engagement and conversions.


2. Marketing Communication

Person speaking in loudspeaker concept


Articulating marketing communication is the key to any business success, whether it’s a digital or traditional marketing method. Therefore, I am hereby throwing some light on the best practices which need to be maintained, especially on Google Ads & Facebook Ads.


In Google Ads, there are thousands of advertisers out there in the market competing with each other. So it is essential to capture the eyeballs and induce them to click on your ads by writing compelling text ads.


Always remember while working with Google Ads:

  1. Be clear and concise about your products or services.
  2. Include least one keyword, either H1, H2 or H3.
  3. Use Shorter CTAs instead of longer ones, e.g. Apply Now, Book Now.
  4. Maintain relevancy between your ad texts and the content of the website.


Always remember while working with Facebook Ads:

  1. Keep your copy short and crisp, and allow users to find the sweet spot.
  2. Impart vital information in bullet points instead of long passages.
  3. Use balanced colours and contrast in creatives.
  4. Use engaging videos with creative messaging for lead gen campaigns.
  5. Include Website URL, and get additional traffic and leads.
  6. Lastly, set up a custom conversion of TY page and track the leads which have come directly on the LP besides lead form

3. Get to Know Your Target Audience

target audience


In Performance Marketing, one can define their target audience precisely while having complete control over the spends. In short, one wouldn't be wasting a single rupee on irrelevant audiences, unlike traditional marketing in which large sum of money is being spent without having any clue on who is going to see our ad.

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4. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors



In performance marketing, we can keep a close eye on our competitors with the help of various available tools. Simultaneously, we can implement guerrilla marketing strategies to acquire new customers by using competitors' keywords. In short, we should be able to leverage on our campaign performance.

5. Boost Performance With Re-marketing & Custom Audiences

Performance Improvement


In Google Ads, remarketing is one of the best approaches to targeting potential existing website visitors and drive conversions at an optimum cost. Simultaneously, through Facebook Ads, one can target website visitors upon creating a custom audience, which would help you in getting incremental conversions and sales.


6. Set Up A Pre-Sales Team

pre-sales team


I would recommend having a pre-sales team which comprises a team size of 1-2 members (Depending on the volume of leads). This team becomes the face of the product or service and should be able to answer most of the questions which eventually helps in generating effective MQL's (Marketing Qualified Leads) & SQL's (Sales Qualified Leads). Alternatively, if one can afford a chatbot to be integrated on the website, it will not only help in generating genuine contacts but also remove irrelevant leads with the help of a questionnaire and conversation.

To Sum Up...


 if one can diligently use the above PMA (Performance Marketing Approach) right from owning a beautiful responsive website to not missing on remarketing audiences. Then it would be needless to say that, through performance marketing, they would not only grow their business but also will be able to spread their wings gradually across the other regions of the market.

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