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15 Healthcare Marketing Statistics That Will Surprise You!

It is said that good marketing statistics will provide a direct approach to the medical for 2021. There are many consumers, who take the help of the internet in order to review and compare, for choosing the right healthcare providers before they get to make the final call.

To receive more customers, there are many healthcare marketers who improve their SEO and digital advertising which allows them to pull in more consumers.

In this blog, the Healthcare Marketing Statistics mentioned will enable consumers to understand and get to learn the insights of the healthcare industry.

List of 15 healthcare marketing statistics

Given below are some of the most important Healthcare marketing statistics in 2021, which will serve as the medium of education for all the online users and patients, who wish to know about the healthcare providers before they make an appointment.


1. There are approximately 5% of searches on Google that are related to health, and being the trusted resource for millions of people, Google provides all the best topics on healthcare.


2. Search drives in 3X more visitors to a hospital’s website, and it is also the most preferred way for patients to find healthcare providers on the internet.


3. Patients who book appointments happen to run three times more searches than those, who do not. This is because the journey of healthcare involves a good amount of research, and consumers go through different providers, before choosing the right one.


4. Consumers who look for nursing homes, physical therapists, and optometrists will take the help of search engines to do so. This is because, there are over 60% of the individuals who perform a search, before scheduling their appointments.


5. In the year 2018, the healthcare providers in the US spent around $2.84 billion on digital advertisements, and this is an increase of 13% compare to 2017.



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6. The average price for a particular healthcare lead is $286, and with the digital advertisement rising, the healthcare providers are increasing their spend day by day.


7. 88% of individuals, take the help of mobile devices when booking an appointment. This is because there are many patients who tend to research online and get to make a call before taking the next step because healthcare is considered being personal and private.


8. Only 2.4% of  online appointments get rescheduled as there are numerous patients, who are quite hesitant to disclose their personal information.


9. Consumers who are looking for chiropractors, physical therapists, and nursing homes, will make a call to the respective, healthcare providers after they have performed a search.


10. In 2019, it is also estimated that around $1 trillion calls will be influenced, in the consumer spending, with the help of a mobile device. Calls are considered the most convenient way, which enables the customers to convert.


11. Phone calls happen to convert 10-15 times more leads than websites since they are considered to be valuable conversions, which the healthcare marketers can drive-in.


12. Direct calls can convert 30% more leads than website.


13. Rather than the web leads retention rates, callers carry 28% higher retention rates, since they happen to be much more loyal than the web leads.


14. There are approximately 80% customers, who believe the products and services are as important as the company’s experience. This is because healthcare marketers work hard to meet all the higher expectations of their customers.


15. 65% of the consumers have cut down ties with brands, since their services and products were poor.  Brands need to understand and build a seamless (online and offline) customer experience that satisfies their expectations.


Final Conclusion

The above-mentioned statistics will enable you to create the right healthcare marketing strategy for 2021. Thus enabling you to increase revenue, customers, and success in the healthcare industry.


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