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5 Marketing Activities That Generate High Quality Real Estate Leads

Real Estate marketing can get tricky, and leads can dwindle fast, which is why it is essential to keep your strategies fresh and new.


Here we have 5 Real Estate Marketing Activities that are known to generate high-quality leads. Take a look.

1. Inbound Marketing/ Lead Gen Tools

Inbound Marketing - Lead generation tools

The best way to generate leads for your real estate business is not through just one piece of content but multiple ones depending on the consumer's stage of the buyer's journey. This is why full-stack lead generation tools like Hubspot are a reliable way to manage leads. They let you handle social media, email marketing, offline calling, blog marketing etc. in one place.


Marketers use these tools to nurture leads, i.e. providing content based on what is relevant to them. It helps the viewership of content and relevance to the lead.


Nurturing leads through these tools makes the process streamlined, and you can measure the performance of each channel (i.e. social media, email marketing, etc.) and how much they have contributed to you getting leads. 


And finally, another benefit of lead gen tools is A/B testing, which is putting out different types of content to similar audiences and see which one gets better conversions. 


Thus managing, nurturing and classifying your leads becomes simplified through Inbound/ Lead Gen tools. 


Examples of Lead gen tools include HubSpot (, Sell. Do (, Sprout Social (

2. 3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual tours

Homes and real estate are products that someone sees in person before purchasing. Or the fact that interest heightens when the property is seen in real life. But in a lot of situations, a strong lead is unable to view the property. It could be because they live in another city or that they are unable to travel at the moment. So how can the interest of this lead be attained?


The answer is by providing them with 3D virtual tours. Virtual reality has become a big part of real estate and that too for a good reason. The builder can show their upcoming project from the outside, and a show flat from the inside by using VR simulations. 


These simulations up until a few years ago were hard to create, but now multiple 3D artists and agencies deliver the same at competitive prices. 


These VR tours can be easily added to the website and sent to potential leads to explore. 



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3. Lead Scoring

Lead Generation - Lead Scoring

Scoring leads boosts lead to conversion ratio by a significant rate. It is when leads are scored depending on how "hot" or "cold" they are i,e, how likely are they to make a conversion. Marketers usually score on a scale of 0-100 with 0 being cold and 100 being hot. 


Leads are scored using parameters such as how many times they have opened an email, how many times they have visited a website, have revisited the landing page etc.


Once you score leads, then you understand the content that is to be provided to each of them. Cold Leads can receive content like "Benefits of Buying a Real Estate Property", Warm Leads can receive content like "Amenities at Our Project", and Hot Leads can receive convincing offers like "Purchase Now For Extra Discounts."


Here is a guide by Hubspot on how to score leads:


4. Behavioural Automation

Behavioural Automation

Most of these techniques are when you want to reach out to a lead. But what if you want to increase effectiveness and efficiency and don't want to interact with leads manually. This is when you can set up an automation system in your Lead Gen/ Inbound Marketing tool. 


Behavioural automation gives you the ability to send emails, set tasks, initiate phone calls or take other actions in response to a lead's behaviour. That means that if a lead does "X", then an automated "Y" response/ piece of content is sent to them. 


Thus you can classify standard lead behaviours and trigger actions based on that. For example, if someone visits the website twice, then send them an email to set up a site visit. Your automation can change depending on your audience and business goal. 


You can set up a behavioural automation system using full-stack inbound marketing tools such as Hubspot, Sprout Social etc. 


5. Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Lastly is experiential marketing. As discussed before, one of the significant aspects of purchasing a home is experiencing it. Not only experiencing the home but also the neighbourhood, the people, the amenities and above everything else- you and your real estate brand.


Experiential marketing is a little more offbeat than other marketing strategies. It almost every time has nothing to do with the product itself, but your brand. It immerses the consumer with your brand and is one of the best ways to get the lead to foster a relationship with you.


An example of experiential marketing would be when a real estate project in Mumbai focused on living an active and healthy lifestyle as their project brand. To drive this message, they organized a 5km beach run for an exclusive list of guests which included some of their hot leads. The leads came in to run on the beach but left with the feeling of knowing the real estate brand better. 


As for now, the field of experiential marketing is almost untapped in India, which gives great room for experimentation. 

Here is a TED talk that explains how Experiential Marketing is the future:


Only some niche real estate companies and marketing teams follow all of these strategies mentioned. While these techniques require some added initial effort, they have proven to show long term payoffs.


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