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Top 7 Tested Ideas For Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing

Video marketing has been one of the most lucrative ways of inbound marketing for multiple companies. But with a vast gambit of video techniques out there which one will work best?

To ease this process for you, we have compiled a list of 7 Real Estate Video Marketing techniques that showcase your project in the best possible ways and give you high quality leads.


Let's have a look!

1. 360 Degree Videos

360-degree videos are the latest video making trend. It is where the point-of-view of the viewer is from the centre, and they can scroll across the screen to see whichever part of the room they like. 


A few years ago, it was cutting edge technology that could get a brand to make a 360 video. But now, 360-degree cameras have become widely available, and it has never been easier to create one. 


Homes are a three-dimensional space which is why a 360-degree video provides the viewer with a more realistic feel of how the area is built, even if they haven't been on site.



2. Show the people living in the home, not just the house itself. 

When you're selling a home, you're not just saying that the space you're selling is functional. You're saying that the area perfectly matches the people that shall be living in the home. 


Which is why, what will help is showing and emphasizing the type of people, for whom, your home is meant. Be it for young students, a small family, a large joint family or anyone else.


Portraying the type of people you build your project for helps viewers associate themselves better with your brand and also will resonate with your ideal target group.



3. Show Your Property as a Lifestyle

A home is not just a home. It is a lifestyle and a status statement. People use their homes to define themselves and portray a specific image in society.


So when people are watching your video, they need to get a clear idea of what exact lifestyle your real estate project is preaching. Giving a clear lifestyle approach to your videos attracts the right group of people to your videos. It also provides an indication of what price range your home will be and what amenities will be available to pander to that particular lifestyle.



4. Drone Videos

Drones are aerial cameras that fly using motors and can be remote controlled. 


They are convenient ways of giving a bird's eye view of a project so that the viewer can see the full premise in its entirety. Not just the project itself, but also the surrounding area which gives a good idea about what the neighbourhood looks like.


Drone videos are especially suitable for tall buildings and towers as they encompass the project thoroughly and display the height. 


'Drones videos' or 'area wiki videos' add a new point of view which otherwise no one gets to experience, which also makes the videos exciting to watch.




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5. Client/ Residential Testimonial videos

Apart from focusing on the brand and the project, it is also good to let your customers talk. Customers represent the people who put faith in your brand and purchased a home from you.


Your resident/ client can talk about their purchase process, their experience with your brand, and how they are liking living in the current home. All of these things matter to a lead who is interested.


It enables the video to communicate directly with your lead, by them watching someone who was once in their place. It makes the viewer trust the brand more.


Make sure not to make the video too sale-like but to keep it real and raw instead. 




6. Not Just Videos for "On Sale" Homes but Videos for Homes That Have Sold!

These are videos that have not been seen in the Indian market too often. They are videos of properties that have already been sold. 


You can show off the flat, show how the interiors have been done up by the current resident, and the modern amenities they get to experience.


Such videos fulfil three objectives:

  • Show a ready flat in terms of renders which is not your show flat, thus offering some visual variety
  • Adding an aspirational aspect to your video, and telling the customer that they too can have such a flat if they choose to go with your brand. 




7. Property Update Videos

Property Update videos are mostly videos that show the construction progress of a project. They can be short videos that can be made after certain phases of the construction process have reached completion, and a new stage has started. These videos show how fast the project is being completed, what unique aspects are being added with each phase, and how close it is to possession. Moreover, it also gives an assurance to your customer on project construction and possession. 



And these are some of the tried and tested video practices for video marketing for real estate. We hope you try them and see the results for yourself!


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