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10 Tips For Small Businesses To Improve Website Performance

Even though you have a small business, a chance to make it big might just be waiting around the corner. So it's better to stay safe than say sorry. A well-functioning website has become an imperative need for a business in today's digital age. And an improved website is your arsenal to fight the cut-throat market competition. 


So to keep you afloat and to improve website performance, we have brought some simple tips and tricks. Here they are...

SEO Audits 

SEO Audit


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to increase a website's organic traffic. It's mandatory to use SEO Friendly TAGs; H1, H2 ...meta tags. Keep tapping Information required to improve your SEO, Update the keywords often and block the unrequired keywords. By using Keyword Planner, identify keywords having high search volume for your small business and implement them in your website content. 


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Mention A Clear Description About Your Business

Add business description 

When someone visits your small business website, it is essential to convey who you are and what exactly your business provides. Remember- if the Home page of your website doesn't contain any specific information about your business, you are most likely to lose many customers. Do not forget to add the "About Us" page, which is easily visible and accessible to the website users; this will help the visitors get an in-depth understanding of your small business.

Mobile-friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites


With the extent of smartphone use, most people open websites in their phones and only a few are always updated with the latest software. So it's essential to keep things simple and spacious for easy understanding. 

Optimize Website Speed 

Optimize website speed


A slow mobile site limits your business. Carry out a website speed test to identify the loading time. Extra loading time can increase your website's bounce rate. Generate a Speed Test Report to share it with your team to do the recommended changes. Don't forget that Google penalizes website rankings because of slow speed. 

Check Website Traffic Of Competitor Website 


Check Competitor website traffic


Most of the times, you need to match up with your competitor's offerings, keep a check on the kind of activities they perform to keep their website top-ranking and well-performing. Compare their SEO Keywords, backlinks, and all the website insights to understand your area of improvement. Tools like SEMRush can help you understand all about your competitors and how you can outrank them.


Focus On Content & Backlinks


Focus on content and backlinks


Don't let the website look stale. Fresh Quality content is essential for website performance. Create monthly plans to post new articles, blog posts. Write engaging and catchy content on all the pages frequently to get much traffic on your small business website. Also, get various articles published on different sites and platforms to increase the backlinks.


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Website Insights, Audits & Reporting


Website Insights, Audits & Reporting


To analyze site performance and traffic use tools like Google Analytics, WordPress Analytics, Google Search Console and other similar mediums. Get a detailed report of your website which includes the following:

  1. Number of views on each page of your small business website
  2. Bounce rates, Average time spent on the website and product pages
  3. Daily, weekly and monthly reports of the visitors on your small business website 
  4. Crawl errors and find Broken links on the site
  5. Backlinks on your website 
  6. WebPage loading Time


Use CTAs Appropriately 


Use CTA appropriately


Incorporate necessary Call to Action Buttons on the small business website. Call to Action like "Buy Now" and "Enquire Now" are a must. Each page on your website must have a CTA's highlighting what you are offering.

Check Quality Checkpoints Of A Website 


Check Quality Checkpoints Of A Website 



Your small business website must be Browser compatible. Verify if your website is working correctly on all browsers and UI with complete functionality. Ensure you have a Responsive website on different screen resolutions and different devices. Get the Screen Resolution & Device Compatibility Fixed. Remove unnecessary code and scripts and resize page size and keep it less. 


Engaging Website User Interface


Engaging Website User Interface


Too much content makes the page cluttered and overloads the minds of viewers. Leave a positive impression of your website interface to drive better results by keeping things straight and easy. Use catchy graphics with attractive fonts; keep the images compressed to optimize the speed of your website. Stay consistent with your Brand design throughout your website.


At The End of It..


In today's digital landscape, Small businesses cannot neglect their website structure and performance. Do regular audits to fix the glitches and ensure smooth functioning of your small business website. Follow the tips mentioned above to improve your small business to have an excellent chance to improve website performance and maintain a comprehensive website. 


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