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5 Steps to Build an Excellent Website for your Auto Parts Business

Spareshub In India and Bosch internally has made considerable strides in the online market place as auto part makers and dealers. How? By merely creating online platforms that are filled with relevant information, product description, easy to navigate and even more comfortable to purchase.

A great example is 3dcart, where a customer can easily make your auto parts catalogue available to shoppers worldwide, quickly and easily, and purchase parts of their interest in just a matter of minutes with a feature-rich platform that makes it easy to list, sell, and manage daily business operations.

Gone are the days when people use to wonder about How to build a website? Or find simple steps to build a website. Be it repair work or customization, more and more auto parts makers are coming online to make their presence and boost the Omnichannel presence of the industry by themselves.

In this article, we tell you 5 easy steps to build a website for your auto parts business online.

These free and straightforward auto parts website design techniques will help you even if you don’t have any technical expertise. So let’s start moving…

The list below includes names of the parts which are most popular in online stores and are most frequently purchased by users -

  1. Grilles
  2. Bumpers
  3. Side mirrors
  4. Headlights and tail lights
  5. Other lighting products (fog lights, replacement bulbs, etc.)
  6. Tires
  7. Hubcaps
  8. Shocks and struts
  9. Other suspension parts
  10. Levelling kits

So before jumping on the website, let’s understand what you need to create a website.

Obviously the products which you want to sell, multiple product photos, product information, technical details, and a set pricing module. When you are ready with all of this information, you are prepared to build your auto-parts website. So here we go!

Steps to building an excellent website for your auto parts business

Step 1: Obtain a Domain name

Obtain a domain name
A domain name is your web address which people will search for or directly type in, such as, spare, etc. Use your business name as your domain name and visit websites like or Log in with your business mail ID (Create one, if you don’t have any).



  1. Keep it as short as possible. (Avoid names like, it’s too long)
  2. Use the proper domain extension. Try always to purchase a .com or .in domain since people can remember it easily.
  3. Avoid numbers and hyphens.

Step 2: Purchase Hosting and Tech support


Purchase hosting and tech support

Like a home needs land, a website also needs a place to be built and stay. Some of the famous hosting providers are WordPress, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, Domainraja, and more. And hosting can cost anywhere between 3000 to 50000 depending on your domain name, storage and tech support plan.



  1. You can always make changes in billing and storage details, but a domain name can’t be changed.
  2. Don’t opt for shared servers. A dedicated server will cost more, but it will make your website perform most optimally.
  3. With WordPress, you can buy your hosting later as well.


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Step 3: Review your Competitors


Review your competitors,, are some websites which come on Google search first page.

Have a general idea of the content (about products, services, company) they have.
What different section do they include (tabs, pages, chat support, email support, phone numbers)?
And lastly, look at the theme they are using (placement of different sections, layout, aesthetics, and more)



Don’t go for everything, pick and choose the minimal things required to get started. Everything can be added later.


Step 4: Choose an E-commerce platform


choose e-commerce platform

You can do online business transactions with PayPal, hire a courier service like DTDC, and set up a customer support centre in-house. But it’s time-consuming and takes much technical expertise to set up and manage.

So it is advisable to the right platform for your e-commerce business model. There are companies which offer help in this regard like Woocommerce, Shopify, Godaddy Online store, and more.

Or if you want to go solo visit / / DTDC Courier & Cargo for your logistics need. And RazorPay, Amazon payments, Paypal for your financial transactions.



Payment gateways perform the tricky tasks: encrypting (i.e. securing) sensitive info — like credit card payments — and helping you meet specific standards for data security online, ensuring safe transactions between you and your customer. So opt for the best ones, even if you have to pay more.


Step 5: Build an exciting & user-friendly interface


build user friendly interface

Make sure your small business website interface leaves a positive impression that drives results. Spend much time in choosing colours, fonts and styles. Experiment with different layouts. You can also make a website architecture similar to home architecture.



  1. Use beautiful graphics and easy-to-read fonts
  2. Make sure your graphics are compressed and optimized for fast loading.
  3. Use language which suits your audience
  4. Stay consistently on-brand throughout your website design
  5. Publish easily accessible contact information
  6. Incorporate visible call-to-actions (‘buy now’ buttons)




Automotive parts website design is time-consuming but straightforward. The tough part is site management and maintenance. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also plays a significant role in this to keep your site rank on Google and other search engines.


Try and experiment with all the tips and tricks mentioned above. If you need further assistance, contact us by visiting our website

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