Work - Tokri - Digital
Brand Challenge: Stagnant Inventory
Solution Provided: STRAP + W4P
Result: Online Sales - 3000 Prospects a sensational new ecommerce firm in the grocery and home goods space

Here’s how, a fairly new player in the online grocery and home goods shopping space, selling groceries, fruits and vegetables, confectionery, flowers, restaurant, pet food delivery service, established itself within a week and attained unprecedented sales figures.


Customer awareness of the brand was low despite the brand having been around in Pune for a while and the brand was not doing good business. So the challenges were to create a brand presence, launch the brand in the market in a fresh manner, pull other app users ((big basket/grofers /pepper tap) toward Tokri and tap into consumers who shop for groceries, fruit and vegetables at supermarket and find the experience as a cumbersome chore. Another challenge was to get 50,000 “smart shoppers” in 3 months.


Here was a new and strong ecommerce brand, ready to explore an integrated advertising approach to market its website and a brand new app. We were geared up to help Tokri see amazing results.


We launched the brand via a campaign called “Sabse Bada Rupaiyya” wherein consumers order an array of fruits, vegetables and other utilities at just Rs. 1. (people could buy things like 10 kg Ashirwaad aata at Rs.1/ 5kg Madhur sugar / 1kg Kissan Jam/ 2 ltr oil etc.) We identified that most people find grocery shopping a cumbersome task with multiple fall backs like - parking hassles, time consuming, energy draining chore etc. We positioned Tokri as a brand that makes shopping a non-chore for people. We encouraged consumers to download the Tokri mobile app added incentive to it by asking them to stop going to the grocery stores and make the most of the "Sabse Bada Rupaiya" Rs. 1 deals. The burst period of the campaign lasted from 5th to 10 November. During the launch of this campaign and in order to take the campaign forward, we ran radio ads, print ads, ads in the outdoor medium, and utilized digital marketing as well. It was a well-thought-out integrated advertising strategy.


The campaign was a roaring success! Here are the numbers depicting the success of our interagted campaign run for

Number of missed calls on Tokri’s hotline number- 15000
Number of App downloads - 13000
Number of orders placed - around 1800
Total number of registrations - around 12000

The campaign was such a great success that in the first few days after the launch that the Tokri team could not deliver all the orders on the same day and they had to schedule the orders for the rest of the week: a classic case of demand overriding the supply, the logistics in this case. Our client couldn’t be happier.

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