Image source: Saatchi-advertising

The basics of integrated advertising

Integrated advertising is an approach to create a unified and seamless experience for the consumers; it’s like a well-oiled automobile in which every part is utilized to take the passenger forward, who in this case, is the brand. In case of integrated advertising, one needs to bring together and utilize all the aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, digital marketing, public relations, direct marketing, and lead nurturing, through their respective mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities, to create a unified force that helps portray a singular brand image toward the consumers.

Why is integrated advertising important?

Integrated advertising ensures that all the messaging and communication strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the consumer. Integrated advertising is not just important. In fact, it is a necessity. You ask why? Because often times, businesses or brands hire an advertising agency and choose to invest only on print ads and outdoor advertising, while some brands only want to utilize the digital marketing domains, without using any of the traditional mediums of advertising. Such a piece meal approach toward advertising only leads to two things: either the half-baked strategy has no good impact on the consumers or the piece meal advertising communicates only with a limited number of audience, thus fading away from the consumer’s memory sooner than the client’s money gets credited into the ad agency’s account. Such an approach can be disastrous for a brand. If you want your brand name to be remembered by people and if you want loyal customers for your brand from a long-term perspective, it is imperative that you invest in a holistic brand-building and advertising approach.

How can go about investing in an integrated approach?

Here’s how you can do that: work with an ad agency or a marketing team that looks at all the mediums of advertising as a unified vehicle to launch your brand and keeps things interesting and exciting for a long time. For example: if you are a real estate brand launching a new property in the market, your agency needs to crack an all-encompassing big idea for your brand which can be taken forward and put out in the market in the form of print ads, radio ads, outdoor advertising and activations, and PR events maybe. This big idea needs to go forward on the social media as well through a well-thought-out and consistent strategy that’s then extended on other digital media platforms as well. If you run interesting campaigns wherein you have outdoor activations that are being talked about on your social media portals and then you run contests on your Facebook and Twitter pages that induce consumers to sample your products and go for an offline event organized by you, that’s called an integrated and winning marketing approach.

Do not believe those who promise success by using just one medium

And be warned. Stir clear from agencies who tell you that only digital marketing can take you places or just running print ads and radio ads is enough to tap into your target audiences and increase your revenue numbers. There are no arguments about the fact that the traditional mediums of advertising are strong and necessary for increasing a brand’s presence, but digital marketing, direct marketing, activations and a strong online presence is equally important. Focusing only on a one or two of these mediums is like trying to drive a car without its rear tires, in this day and age. And always remember that consistency across all mediums is the key to a great campaign.

So reach out to people who believe in and practice an integrated advertising and marketing approach. If you still aren’t convinced, talk to a couple of our clients and you can hear first-hand how an integrated advertising approach helped them rake in good revenue.