Seagull Targeted Revenue Acceleration Program Designed to Deliver

Clients love results. And in the current scenario, revenue is far more important than advertising and branding for organizations that want to soar high. The rules of the ‘new economy’ illustrate that there’s greater emphasis on generating revenue driven results. Also, it’s pretty evident that we're in a startup-fueled economic renaissance where lean startups are backed up by investors who look out for returns. What comes after is mounting pressure to meet high revenue targets and constant failures to do the same.

This is when Seagull gave origin to a carefully designed and tested S.T.R.A.P process. S.T.R.A.P – Seagull Targeted Revenue Acceleration Program is for clients who care for results. This is a smart process that involves prototyping ideas which can yield a much deeper understanding of our client’s product or service and then validating them. Subsequently through digital channels and a winning team of experienced media professionals, we accelerate our client’s business and help them achieve their desired revenue objective, sometimes even surpassing them.So how can a business make the most of S.T.R.A.P to generate revenue? Write to us at to find out.

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