Real estate is the sector with arguably the most cliched of advertisements. Find hard to believe it? All you have to do is the next time you head out, just notice any of the property ads on hoardings. Chances are, 9 out of 10 ads would talk on the same lines. “Save ₹___ lacs…”, “Gift joy to your family..”, “Upgrade your lifestyle..” and whatnot! If it weren’t for the colors and elevations, it may have seemed like a big blur of ads for the same project! But, who’s to blame? The realtor? Or the real estate marketing agency working on the campaign? Actually, both.

The agency-client circle is so used to following the cliched routes, that the thought of trying out pathbreaking communications hardly crosses their minds. And subsequently, they fail to stand out from the clutter. It’s not like these communications are wrong, poor or ineffective. It’s just that this seemingly universal campaign approach doesn’t work best for every project. And even if it suits the most of them, sometimes a smart move away from the conventional can produce astonishing results. Take for example Pumbai, the latest campaign for Abhimaan Township by Kohinoor Group. Seagull Advertising, the renonwed 22-year old advertising and marketing agency in Pune, also specialising in real estate, was the creative brains behind the inventive idea. All it did was to rebrand and reinvent the location of Shirgaon, which sat in a developing corner of Pune, and turned a seeming disadvantage into an advantage.

In real estate, the location of a property is a key decision factor for homebuyers. However, they tend to go after locations which are in the news, and miss the upcoming ones which offer good connectivity as well. Abhimaan Homes is a grand township by Kohinoor Group, situated in the rapidly developing locale of Shirgaon. The most interesting fact about Shirgaon is that it is conveniently connected to the city’s major industrial hubs and also to Mumbai. But the challenge was that the location wasn’t talked about and homebuyers were unaware about Shirgaon. So, when a remarkably strategic location was to be promoted, the agency did what was necessary. They put the location in the news. And so was born Pumbai- the future of Pune! A location which is smartly connected to Pune’s prime destinations like Hinjawadi, Chakan, PCMC, Akurdi, Talegaon, as well as Mumbai. The name Pumbai was a brilliant of the fusion of the names of the cities of Pune and Mumbai. The campaign instantly grabbed the consumers’ eye by invoking curiosity. Soon, people were talking about the location. Pumbai acted as the hook to draw hombuyers’ attention to a strategic, promising and developing yet unheard location. Through this ingeniously catchy communication, the agency was able to showcase the perks of Shirgaon by rebranding the location. And the results were amazing! Pumbai not just became sensational, but it also wrote a new chapter in the history and geography of Pune.

As you can see from the case above, sometimes, moving away from the conventional delivers surprising results. It would have been easy to tread the conventional path of offers to grab homebuyers’ attention. But, thinking out of the geographical box of Pune worked wonders for Abhimaan Township.