It’s been 12 years since Facebook started, and since then, it has had a book, movie and even a child named after its ‘like’ function! That’s not a feat many 12 year old digital forums can boast of, but Facebook is not just any ordinary forum; with over a billion users spending most of their time on this forum and with advertisers going nuts about marketing your brands on Facebook, it has a net worth of over 200 million dollars.

Obviously, Facebook is not something anyone can ignore, but is it the end all of Digital Marketing? Do you think that you are done investing money in digital advertising if you invest on Facebook and maybe some search engine ads? I am not mocking the impact of these digital touch points. I revere them, being a digital content writer myself. However, like in most things in life, digital advertising also calls for a holistic approach.

Facebook is definitely the top-most visited social media website in the world right now; however there is a miniscule chance that it is the only best platform for your brand; don’t let any agency tell you that. The fact is that the ‘likes’ you get on Facebook don’t necessarily equal to the customers you’ll get. Don’t let any agency people tell you that either. We don’t!

You should know that ‘Likes’ have become more of a subconscious thing than a decision that we make; something of a pleasantry that falls in the same league as a ‘hello’.

Yes, you can pay to get your post on the top of everyone’s feed, but Facebook posts are often filtered, and your post might not even get as many views as you thought you’d paid for. While a sixth of the world’s population uses Facebook, you still can’t let your digital marketing strategies stick to this and this only.

If you want the statistics that back this up, you can consider these:
48% of respondents say they’re going to spend much less on Facebook this year (Regalix). Most marketers aren’t even sure if their Facebook marketing works; only a little more than one third of these marketers feel that their strategies are doing their money’s worth, while the rest aren’t quite so sure (Social Media Examiner).

With platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Youtube becoming more and more prominent, digital marketing now has a whole platter of different options to choose from. Facebook ads would still win (by a landslide) if we were to talk about reach, but each of these platforms have their own advantages that can and should be utilized instead of marketers using Facebook as the one and only touch point. For example, Twitter ads get more clicks today than those on Facebook, simply because there are less of them to click on. Pop-culture icons such as Beyoncé have begun shifting to Instagram to avoid the unnecessary post filtering and hassle, even though they have fewer followers on these accounts as compared to Facebook.

“Social Media bares a great amount of power today, and it takes a great degree of market knowledge to be able to harness this power and wear it as the Superhero cape it that it was meant to be. With all these genius social networks out there, it isn’t quite practical to put all your bets on just the one. Facebook isn’t the ultimate key to the universe of customers, no one platform ever is, and it’s time we move forward.” We at Seagull firmly believe in this thought and practice this for all our clients. When you choose your agency, ensure that you pay them enough to run Facebook ads and then run an equally impactful campaigns on other digital portals as well. They pay in the long run, and they pay a lot. If you wish to know how, just get in touch with us. We would love to take you through the tricky maze of digital marketing.