Ok. It is a little late to post the trends of anything for the current year. But better late that never, right? So with this spirit, the Digital Marketing team at Seagull, Pune’s award-winning marketing agency, shares its insights on what could be the trends that can help your healthcare brand’s advertising efforts.

1. Attention-holding online user experience

The fact doesn’t need a saying that a brand’s website is the first point of contact for the digital consumer, or any consumer for that matter. For better or worse, e-commerce websites have conditioned the modern consumer to a seamless experience so much that it is hard to retain them on a website if it is anything less than that. Unfortunately, when a majority of healthcare brands’ websites contain content that is technical, the brand must ensure that it is presented in an engaging way to the consumer.

2. Targeting Millennials

Millennials or the Gen Y are the current generation of consumers who heavily influence sales in almost every sector. Although healthcare is yet to welcome them on a large scale, they are your next set of consumers. So it would be wise for a brand to be the early bird and cater to the next generation of consumers in the way that appeals them the most.

3. Native Advertising outperforms Display

To put it simply, Native Advertising are the relevant ads you see when you are going through online content, like an article. And Display Ads are what appear on the sides, top, bottom, or are simply pop-ups. Now stats say that native ads appeal more to the consumers than display ads do and we can’t agree more. Who likes to be bothered when you are in the middle of something interesting, anyway, right?

4. Growing demand for health videos

With each passing day, content is being bombarded onto consumers 24×7. As a result, consumers are not left with enough time to consume it and their attention spans are reducing as well. In such a rapidly shifting landscape, it is naturally convenient that consumers prefer watching videos than reading something. Also, at the time when consumers are getting conscious of their health and fitness, video is proving to be the best format for content consumption.

5. The growth of Live Video

Started first by Twitter through its Periscope service, this growing content format has now made appearance on almost every social media platform there is. And the best feature of this format is that it allows consumers to react in real-time from literally anywhere in the world! If leveraged wisely, a brand can drive good engagement through this consistently growing format.

6. Influencer Marketing

In today’s times, consumers are inclined to consume content that cater specifically to their interests. No wonder why social media influencers in that particular niche drive better engagement than mainstream celebrities. Healthcare can surely benefit by leveraging the influence of popular fitness experts, dieticians, and celebrity doctors among others.

7. Driving traffic through content

Guess what is the most searched kind of videos on YouTube? The “How to…” videos! Consumers frequently use different services on the internet to satisfy their curiosity, learn something new, and in this case, find a solution for their problems. A healthcare brand’s consistent and diversified content strategy can work wonders to drive traffic and increase brand loyalty.

8. Sponsored content

Sponsored content on renowned media websites gives a substantial boost to a brand’s content marketing strategy. Because these are the websites that consumers rely on for relevant content. Making a presence their gives your brand an added sense of credibility. Think of it as a celebrity endorsement in a whole different way.

This blog is a collective of inputs from the Digital Marketing team at Seagull Advertising, Pune’s only international and national award-winning advertising and marketing agency. Its diverse roster of clients also includes prominent healthcare brands like Oyster & Pearl Hospital, Clear Skin and Hair MD among others, for which Seagull has delivered disrupting campaigns. If you are a healthcare brand looking to amp up you advertising and marketing efforts, do get in touch.