We are not about talking to a consumer in the digital space we are about talking to a digital consumer.

Seagull Digitech is not about digital marketing but about marketing in a digital world. We help brands meaningfully engage consumers through an effective digital mix by using our proven AECCC strategy, formulated by David Rogers. AECCC is a 5-step method that stands for Access, Engage, Customize, Connect and Collaborate. This method is an excellent way to create strong brands online. But we do not stop there. The online engagement is then carried on-ground and offline to make your brand work and deliver with our integrated branding plan, formulated through our Wings4Profit tool. Using the power tools of online listening, tracking, analytics and new technology, our expert digitech delivers not just on the digital platform but holistically, to your brand’s objectives.

AECCC Strategy

We follow a tested strategy called AECCC (formulated by David Rogers) to build online communities and generate online leads for our clients. The AECCC strategy (Access, Engage, Customise, Connect and Collaborate) is formulated by David Rogers, Faculty Director, Digital Marketing Strategy, Columbia University.

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