Just do it. Impossible is nothing. Open Happiness. I’m lovin’ it. Daag achche hain. We’ve heard them all. On Radio. Seen it on TV. On billboards. In Digital. They may seem like the oft abused ‘catchy’ advertising slogan, but in reality they are strong emotional promises. The fundamental foundation on which brands are grown, built and nurtured.

Advertising has truly evolved over centuries. From disseminating information about product attributes or merely telling Service features, Advertising and branding has metamorphosed into an advanced discipline. Where cultures are studied. People behavior is analyzed. Economic climate is taken into consideration. Competition is scrutinized. And so on. And after all of this, consumer truths are arrived at. Based on these consumer insights, brands are structured to deliver on a consumer’s emotional needs and not merely meet their rational requirements. Just do it is Nike’s expression of pushing every athlete to stretch himself to his highest level of endurance. Daag Achche hain encourages children to go out, play and learn from outdoor activities. By doing so and by doing so consistently, brands are built. And these brands occupy a permanent place in the consumer’s mind and heart. Because they connect. People discuss about them. Share their stories on Facebook. Tweet about them. Aspire to work with them. And champion their cause. Like they say, branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Which in itself, speaks volumes about who you are.

Yes, Advertising is the world’s second oldest profession. And here’s why.

Sanju Ayyar
Creative Director